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Russell, Mary Doria(1996)

In 2019 a radio astronomer hears the seductive songs of extraterrestrials. As when Europe began to explore the New World, the Society of Jesus maneuvers itself into the leadership of an expedition to the planet Rakhat, the origin of these Siren songs. Father Emilio Sandoz, a Jesuit linguist, heads the team of eight men and women sent on this journey; he is the only one who returns home. Sandoz must try to explain why everything has gone so terribly wrong; however, even a priest can't explain what he doesn't understand. Here is the chaos of misunderstanding as experienced by Sandoz, one of the most flesh-and-blood characters in recent fiction. Sandoz is a man struggling with himself, his Church, and his God. Beware, things are rarely what they seem!

Reviewed by Mark B., Main Library

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Reader's comments about this book

I loved this book and its sequel, Children of God. Both books are great for group discussion because they deal with issues ranging from fear, faith, and spirituality to racism/speciesism.
-Heidi, Huntersville, NC

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