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Review for :

Life is different underground. The subway tunnels once used for transportation are now home to Enclaves- progeny of the survivors of the devastation Topside. There are 4 groups of people: Elders, Hunters, Builders, and Breeders. Nobody`s named until age 15– if they survive that long. Deuce just got named and is now a Huntress. She starts protecting the Enclave from Freaks, horrible mutations that eat human flesh, with her partner, Fade. Fade wasn’t born into the Enclave and he questions the Elders’ authority. When Deuce’s friend is wrongly accused of a crime and nearly exiled, Deuce takes the blame, surprisingly so does Fade. They’re both exiled and decide to go Topside. Can they make it to a safety or will the dangers of Topside stop them? A Must Read!

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