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Teen Corner Book Reviews

Listed below are our most recent book reviews for Teen Corner books. To view additional book reviews, choose a subcategory from the list on the left.

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The Wizardís Promise

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Clarke, Cassandra Rose(2014)Recently Added Review
The Wizardís Promise
Young Adult

Adventure will never come for Hanna; she is apprenticed to the world’s grumpiest fisherman. Whistling the winds down to calm the seas isn’t what she dreams of doing. But when Hanna looks at her life, there is only catching fish or living on the island . . . forever. Everything changes after a freak magic storm at sea. Hanna discovers that regaining trust is a sick and slippery thing, but being part of a promise that you didn’t make is even worse. Bringing readers back years after Pirate Ananna’s adventures, this fresh installment in their magical world is just as thrilling.

Reviewed by Amanda D., University City Regional

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Maciel, Amanda(2014)Recently Added Review
Young Adult

Tease is based loosely on a tragic event that happened in Massachusetts. Several high school students were mercilessly teasing a new girl in school. They cruelly insulted and bullied the girl until she killed herself. Tease is written from the point of view of one of the bullies, Sara. She was secretly jealous of this new girl, Emma, and wanted to "take her down a notch." She never realized how far it would go. In the end, Sara never meant to hurt anyone. The book is very fast paced, and is unique in the aspect that the perspective jumps from before then to after the suicide. The characters are very well developed. This is a thought provoking book.

Reviewed by Michael D., Teen Summer Volunteer 2014

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Roadside assistance

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Clipston, Amy(2011)Recently Added Review
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Roadside assistance
Young Adult

Emily Curtis` mom dies of cancer and she and her father have lost everything - their house, jobs, her Camaro, and must move in with their posh relatives. Emily has no garage in which to tinker and keep her mind off the loss of her Mom. She`s left her friends behind, her boyfriend has split and she feels like a stepchild that no one wants. Even God doesn`t seem to be hanging around. Emily, a depressed teen, begins to isolate herself from others, even Zander, a cute car maniac from next door. The strong, realistic characters and teen issues such as dealing with loss and unrealistic parents help to draw readers into her world. This North Carolina author usually writes contemporary adult Amish Romance and this is her first young adult book.

Reviewed by Gay Ann L., Independence Regional

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