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Teen Corner Book Reviews

Listed below are our most recent book reviews for Teen Corner books. To view additional book reviews, choose a subcategory from the list on the left.

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Noel, Alyson(2009)Recently Added Review
Young Adult

After a car accident claims her mother, father and sister, Ever is faced with moving in with her aunt and starting a whole new life. And if that wasn’t enough, she can now read the thoughts of others. Ever avoids people at all cost, wears the same hoodie everyday, headphones on and hood up to drown out all the jabber. She thinks she’s a freak until her sister visits her and tells her to pull it together. Then, one day, a new boy walks in to class. Little does Ever know that this new boy has been following her through all of her previous lives, and that he now has the opportunity to make her fall in love with him. Will she give in to his temptation and confide her secrets to him?

Reviewed by Lindsay P., Beatties Ford Road Branch

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Ritter, R. William(2014)Recently Added Review
Young Adult

R.F. Jackaby sees crime details that others miss, and magical creatures. Abigail Rook arrives in New England fresh from a `dig` that never found fossils or dinosaur bones. She needs to find a job and cheap housing; when she literally runs into Jackaby, she finds both. Her test case is a serial killer who Jackaby is sure it isn`t human. The police of course scoff at his assessment because hey have encountered Jackaby and his methods before. They discount his claims, but admire his `solve` rate. This is the start of a fun series. Both fantasy and adventure lovers will enjoy this great character. Unless you have Jackaby’s extraordinary gift, you won’t be able to guess the ending!

Reviewed by Thea J., South County Regional

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The Boy On the Bridge

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Standiford, Natalie(2013)Recently Added Review
The Boy On the Bridge
Young Adult

It’s 1982. Laura Reid is an American college student studying abroad in Leningrad at the height of Cold War paranoia. She meets the charming Alyosha, a young Soviet dissident, who introduces her to unusual artists, black market shopping, and evading the authorities. Despite knowing she could be expelled and sent back to America, Laura embarks on an intense romance with Alyosha. Laura’s friends suspect Alyosha is manipulating her. Is Alyosha truly in love with Laura, or is he using her to gain a passport to America? Standiford keeps readers guessing until the end. As Laura’s semester abroad closes, she will make a life-changing decision that will affect both of their lives. An engaging historical romance, Standiford captures the struggles and uncertainty of young love.

Reviewed by Bobbie M., Independence Regional

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These Broken Stars

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Kaufman, Amie and Meagan Spooner(2013)Recently Added Review
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These Broken Stars
Young Adult

Lilac is the daughter of the richest man in the universe, who also happens to be the owner and designer of the spaceship Icarus. Tarver is a war hero who just wants to return to his post, not take part in the celebrity world aboard the Icarus. With a chance meeting, Lilac and Tarver are drawn toward each other. When tragedy strikes and the Icarus plummets from the sky; Lilac and Tarver find themselves sharing an escape pod. Upon crashing onto an uninhabited planet, Tarver and Lilac are forced to work together to survive. But everything is not as it seems on this planet and Tarver and Lilac will never be the same.

Reviewed by Angela A., Cornelius Branch

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