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Non-Fiction Book Reviews

Listed below are our most recent book reviews for Non-Fiction books. To view additional book reviews, choose a subcategory from the list on the left.

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The New Cast Iron Skillet Cookbook

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Brown, Ellen(2014)Recently Added Review
The New Cast Iron Skillet Cookbook

The New Cast Iron Skillet Cookbook is an idea cookbook for anyone just starting out in cast iron cooking! The book’s 150 modern recipes are prefaced with clear, detailed instructions on how to care for and season your pan, and a few common troubleshooting tips. The recipes span the day from breakfast to desserts. They contain common or easy-to-find ingredients, none with a long list of ingredients, and many are featured in full color photographs. Throughout this book, the reader will get a thorough introduction to the many methods of cooking in cast iron pans, including stovetop, oven, and mixtures of both! While the author has an impressive resume, which included serving as the USA Today food editor, most readers will find this an incredibly accessible cookbook.

Reviewed by Marie H., ImaginOn

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Master thieves : the Boston gangsters who pulled off the world's greatest art heist

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Kurkjian, Stephan(2015)Recently Added Review
Master thieves : the Boston gangsters who pulled off the world's greatest art heist

They stare pleadingly out at the visitor, those empty frames. They await the return of the paintings so brutally stolen from their rightful homes. On March 18, 1990, 13 paintings valued at 500 million were taken from Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in what could be described as an amateurish smash and grab. Since then, no trace of the paintings has been found despite some tantalizing leads and mystery sightings. Stephen Kurkjian takes the reader through the murky corners of Boston’s underworld and posits the possible culprits and their reasons for the heist. The FBI has two theories to the artworks’ fate neither of which is encouraging. This reviewer could only look at the empty frames and think of the pieces “wish you were here.`

Reviewed by John C., Main Library

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