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Meet the Author

Meet the Author
Ursula K. Le Guin

Ursula K. Le Guin is an author of novels, poetry, and short stories for children, young adults, and adults in varying genres from realistic fiction to fantasy and science fiction. She is best known for her work in science fiction which includes her most famous novel The Left Hand of Darkness.

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Alternate History
Alternate history is a popular sub genre of science fiction. At some point in the universe in which a novel is set history has diverged from ours. This event then creates a world that, because of its difference from ours, allows the author to explore unique and often inspired alternatives.
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Ever wondered what well known people like to read? Reader's Club asks celebrities to talk about books that affect their lives. Read them all.

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Everlost Everlost
Shusterman, Neal (2006)
This book was a must read. I love the way it goes from love to danger and adventure. This book was the greatest all time. I LOVE YOU EVERLOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Kayla from Oklahoma City, OK
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Spotlight on: Courtney
from South County Regional

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Quotes From the Columns

'Books are by-products of our lives.'
- Alice Walker

'Why has the South produced so many good writers? Because we got beat.'
- Walker Percy

'Damn the age. I'll write for antiquity.'
- Charles Lamb

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