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Get Set For Kindergarten
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Skills to Practice this Month

  • Provide pencils, markers, and paper and encourage your child to draw and scribble or write.
    • Give your child the opportunity and the materials to pretend to write as well as read. Help your child to improve his small motor skills by allowing him to use crayons, pencils, scissors and other craft and writing supplies. Keep scrap paper handy and writing materials available at different places around the house, in the car, etc. Talk to your child about what things are appropriate (paper) and inappropriate (desks) to write on.

To encourage your child’s writing, scribbling, and drawing, post projects in a prominent place in your home such as the refrigerator or your child's bedroom door. Make encouraging comments on her creations, like, "I love the colors you chose." Or, "You did a great job printing your name!"

Provide your child with her own supplies for writing or drawing. From a shoebox or other container, create an art and writing kit for your child. Fill the box with quality tools and supplies to prevent frustration and to stay safe. Items to include could be child sized safety scissors, markers, crayons, paper (lined and unlined), construction or other colored paper, a glue stick, pencils, colored pencils, etc. Allow your child to decorate her kit and label it with her name.

Create a travel art and writing kit for the car or on the go by giving your child an inexpensive zip-up portfolio or notebook. Include writing and art supplies and put them in the compartments of the portfolio.

Give your child her own box of old magazines and catalogs that she is are free to cut from.

Useful Websites

  • Crayola
    This colorful web site provides tips and lessons for parents and teachers and many printable activities on a variety of themes for children.

  • Fiskars
    This site provides tips and activities to teach young children how to use scissors and cut safely.

  • Parent Center
    This Internet site provides general information about children’s health including nutrition.

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