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  • Libraries provide a valuable community resource.

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Hardcover Books $20.00 $0
Paperback Books $6.50 $0
Children's Books $8.00 $0
Videos $15.00 $0
Music CD $13.95 $0
Audiobook $39.95 $0
Magazines $3.95 $0
Newspaper $.75 $0
Adult Programs $25.00 $0
Children's Programs/Classes $6.95 $0
Children's online educational games found on CMLibrary [Story Place, Book Hive, etc] $10.00 $0
Computer Use (hrly) $12.95 $0
Reference Questions Asked (per hour) $50.00 $0
Use of Research databases [Ancestry.com, Mango Langugages] $5.00 $0

The values in the calculator were determined by the estimated cost of obtaining each of the items without the use of the library.

Hardcover Books
Purchase cost of a new hardcover book
Softcover Books
Purchase cost of a new softcover book
Children's Book
Purchase cost of Children's book
Rental cost of a DVD
Music CD
Purchase cost of a music CD
Purchase cost of an CD audiobook
Purchase cost of an average magazine
Purchase cost of an newspaper
Adult Programs
Sample cost to attend Adult Program
Children's Programs
Sample cost to attend Children's Program
Online Children's Content
Sample cost of sites with similar content
Computer Use
Cost of hourly computer usage at internet cafes without using laptop.
Use of online databases
Cost of similar content
Research Questions
Based on UNC Charlotte Urban Institute ROI report