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Book cover Little Red Riding Hood: A Newfangled Prairie Tale
Lisa Campbell Ernst (1995) , under 40 pages
Illustrated by Lisa Campbell Ernst
Audience: Preschool, Primary (k-3rd grade)
Category: Humor, Read Aloud

Once upon a time on a midwestern prairie, a little girl wearing a red- hooded jacket is riding her bike when she meets a hungry wolf. Now, the wolf isn't wanting to harm Little Red Riding Hood -- he only wants her grandmother's secret muffin recipe. When the wolf secretly follows Red Riding Hood, he is surprised in the field by her tractor- riding grandma. Does the wolf attack grandma? Is he able to get his paws on her secret recipe? This new twist on a classic fairy tale will keep you turning pages until the surprise ending.

Reviewed by: Susan / South County Regional Library

Comments from Readers

Myresh, age 6 from North Carolina
I like the original "Little Red Riding Hood" better than the Newfangled Prairie tale.

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