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Book cover Small Steps: The Year I Got Polio
Peg Kehret (1996) , 160-200 pages
Illustrated by
Audience: Intermediate (4th-6th grade), Adult/Parent
Category: Biographies, Special Needs

Life is not easy for a seventh grade girl, but when the polio virus attacks her nerve cells, life becomes even more difficult. In 1949 Peg Shulze is the only polio case diagnosed in Austin, Minnesota. In this biography she shares her intense emotions and memories and her battle to overcome the effects of polio. With hard work and determination Peg is victorious over this disease within a year. She marries, has two children, and fulfills her dream of becoming a writer. Peg Kehret has written over 25 books for children, but her most popular to date is her own personal story: "Small Steps".

Reviewed by: Nancy / Morrison Regional Library

Comments from Readers

Katie, age 12 from Texas
This was a very

Amanda, age 12 from Pennsylvaia
this is a wonderful book. it made me realize how lucky i haave it and that this can happen to anyone so unexpected. it was so inspiring and original.

Kendal, age 20 from New Jersey
Great book and really emotional because it was so sad to have someone that was that young suffer from a devestating disease!

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