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Book cover Harriet's Hare
Dick King-Smith (1995) , 80-120 pages
Illustrated by Roger Roth
Audience: Primary (k-3rd grade)
Category: Beg. Chapter Books, Science Fiction

Harriet is a lonely eight-year-old girl who meets a talking hare. Harriet names her hare "Wiz" because he's a wizard who can turn himself into other animals. Wiz is really an alien vacationing from the planet Pars. After a summer full of adventures, Wiz leaves Harriet a truly wonderful surprise.

Reviewed by: Joanna / Cornelius Library

Comments from Readers

Harriet, age 13 from England
I loved this book whn I was little, specially when I was eight!

marissa, age 9 from pennslyvana
this is a great book ! i felt like i was really in the book

Timmy, age 13 from North Carolina
This book was very good

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