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Book cover The Trumpet of the Swan
E.B. White (1970) , 200+ pages
Illustrated by Edward Frascino
Audience: Intermediate (4th-6th grade)
Category: Classics, Fantasy, Read Aloud
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Louis is a Trumpeter Swan who cannot trumpet. In fact, he canít make any sound at all. Sam Beaver, a boy who loves nature and all wild things, meets Louis and becomes his friend. Sam takes Louis to school where he learns to read and write. This helps him communicate with people, but not other swans. How will Louis tell Serena, a beautiful swan, of his love? Louisís father steals a trumpet for his son. Will Louis learn to play the trumpet and earn enough money to pay for it? Read all about Louis and his adventures to find out.

Reviewed by: Andrea / Independence Regional Library

Comments from Readers

Lizzi, age 11 from NC
I loved the book! It was a very exciting story. It has a good build and was very unpredictable.

Erin, age 12 from NC
I really liked the book `The Trumpet of the Swan.` It was very interesting and funny to read. I would read this book again and recommend it to a friend.

Claire, age 10 from NC
This book is a fantasic book. It is funny but has also sad parts.I could not take my eyes away from the book when I first started reading it.I would highly recommend this book.

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