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Book cover Donner Dinner Party New Review
Nathan Hale (2013) , 120-160 pages
Audience: Intermediate (4th-6th grade), Adult/Parent
Category: Graphic Novels, Historical, Non-Fiction
(This book has outstanding illustrations)

Do you know what life was like for pioneers traveling to California in the 1840s? Even in good times, life was really hard. One group, the Donner Party, started out in 1846 expecting a long, tough journey. They never imagined what they would have to do to get to California alive! The third of “Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales” spins their story, one of the most chilling chapters in American history, in a way that will interest even the most reluctant readers. Three wisecracking narrators and lively panel illustrations keep the story moving. You won’t want to put this graphic novel down!

Reviewed by: Larisa / Morrison Regional Library
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Parental Notes

Book cover On a Beam of Light: A Story of Albert Einstein New Review
Jennifer Berne (2013) , 40-80 pages
Illustrated by Vladimir Radunsky
Audience: Primary (k-3rd grade), Intermediate (4th-6th grade)
Category: Biographies, Historical, Non-Fiction
(This book has outstanding illustrations)

One day Albert daydreams he is flying in a beam of light. After this day, nothing is the same for him—he wants to know all the secrets of the world. Soon, his mind is full from his hard work and studying; he even has special sweaters and doesn’t wear socks when he is working! Of course everyone loves Albert because of all his brilliant ideas. This book takes the reader on an adventure through Albert’s life as he grows from a boy to the genius we know him as today. The illustrations are just as captivating and interesting as this wonderful book.

Reviewed by: Maeve / University City Regional Library

Book cover Stronger Than Steel: Spider Silk DNA and the Quest for Better Bulletproof Vests, Sutures, and Parachute Rope New Review
Bridget Heos (2013) , 40-80 pages
Illustrated by Andy Comins
Audience: Intermediate (4th-6th grade), Adult/Parent
Category: Earth Friendly, Non-Fiction
(This book has outstanding illustrations)

You’ve probably heard of Spiderman, but do you know the Spidergoats? Spidergoats are goats that have been genetically implanted with genes from orb weaver spiders. The goats look and behave the same, but their milk contains large amounts of spider silk proteins that scientists collect for research. The nearly unbreakable spider silk could be used to create better space suits, smaller surgical sutures, or stronger wire for stopping planes landing on aircraft carriers. This is an excellent introduction for curious young scientists and grown-ups alike, and there is even an experiment for you to try: extracting DNA from strawberries!"

Reviewed by: Rene / ImaginOn

Book cover The Boy on the Wooden Box: How the impossible became possible on Schindler`s list New Review
Leon Leyson (2013) , 200+ pages
Audience: Intermediate (4th-6th grade), Adult/Parent
Category: Biographies, Historical, Non-Fiction

Leon Leyson grew up in Krakow doing what normal children do… spending time with his brothers and playing with friends. Then it all changed. In the midst of World War II, Leyson, a Polish Jew, found himself like so many others facing the Nazis and the very real possibility of being sent to a concentration camp. But, Leyson’s story is not one of tragedy. When Leyson’s father is asked to crack a safe for a German Officer he does so… and this event will change their lives forever. That German Officer was Oskar Schinlder, and with the opening of that safe comes an opening that will protect Leyson during one of the darkest times in history. Schindler again and again comes to the rescue of Leyson and his family in this remarkable tale of survival.

Reviewed by: Tree / South County Regional Library
Parental Notes

Book cover What If You Had Animal Teeth? New Review
Sandra Markle (2013) , under 40 pages
Illustrated by Howard McWilliam
Audience: Primary (k-3rd grade), Intermediate (4th-6th grade)
Category: Humor, Non-Fiction, Read Aloud
(This book has outstanding illustrations)

Wiggling a loose tooth can be awfully exciting. It means a new tooth is on the way! But what if you lose your two front teeth only to have rattlesnake fangs or elephant tusks replace them? Hippo teeth never need brushing, beaver teeth are always orange, and naked mole rat teeth work like chopsticks. This clever book is full of cool facts about teeth of different animals, while the illustrations show how your new animal teeth would look in your next school picture (just imagine a great big crocodile smile). The final pages of the book teach you how to care for your own choppers, just in case your new teeth happen to be human ones!

Reviewed by: Rene / ImaginOn

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