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Book cover My Name Is Truth New Review
Ann Turner (2015) , under 40 pages
Illustrated by James Ransome
Audience: Intermediate (4th-6th grade)
Category: African-American, Biographies, Multicultural, Non-Fiction
(This book has outstanding illustrations)

Sojourner Truth, born Isabella Baumfree, was a courageous woman that spoke out against slavery and helped with the women’s rights movement. Unfortunately, she was born into a life of slavery, but that didn’t stop her from wanting a better life for herself and her family. As a free woman she went back to the South to rescue her son who was unlawfully sold into slavery. Her bravery and fierceness was admired by many. Her words spoke truth and she stood for justice and equality. Be inspired as you read this book about a woman’s journey of hope and freedom.

Book cover Talkin` Guitar: a story of the young Doc Watson New Review
Robbin Gourley (2015) , under 40 pages
Audience: Primary (k-3rd grade), Intermediate (4th-6th grade)
Category: Biographies, Historical, Non-Fiction, Read Aloud, Special Needs
(This book has outstanding illustrations)

Young Arthel (Doc) Watson’s life was filled with music that included his mama’s singing, the noises of farm animals, and the sounds of nature. His favorite was “the sound of the wind and the rain in the trees.” Arthel was blind and had exceptional hearing. His father recognized his talent and bought him a harmonica and then a banjo. When he was older, his father bought him a guitar and he brought it everywhere he went in his North Carolina mountain community. He learned by listening to music and practicing. Eventually he had the confidence to create his own songs and stories. This refreshing biography gives readers a glimpse into what made Doc Watson a legend. The watercolor illustrations are playful and bright. Readers can almost hear music coming from the book’s pages.

Reviewed by: Jeanenne / Matthews Library
Parental Notes

Book cover Why`d They Wear That?: Fashion as the Mirror of History New Review
Sarah Albee (2015) , 160-200 pages
Audience: Intermediate (4th-6th grade)
Category: Non-Fiction
(This book has outstanding illustrations)

Why did the Ancient Romans wear togas? What did Samurai Warriors wear? Did you know peasant brides during the Renaissance wore black? These are just some of the facts brought to life in this fashion history book. Easy to read and filled with colorful pictures, this book shows the history of fashion. over history. This book contains interesting facts spanning a wide variety of cultures, including a decade’s worth of fashion choices. Some of the outfits are funny and some are just practical, like warriors wearing armor. This book is great to read for fun, and would be a good resource for a school project.

Reviewed by: Maeve / University City Regional Library

Book cover Bugged: How Insects Changed History New Review
Sarah Albee (2014) , 160-200 pages
Illustrated by Robert Leighton
Audience: Intermediate (4th-6th grade)
Category: Historical, Non-Fiction

From swarms of locusts to bugs in space, bugs have been helping and harming humans for thousands of years. Bugs have been used in dyes, foods, and as natural pest control. But they have also killed millions by causing disease and famine. Get the scoop on the bugs that have changed the course of history and even determine where people live today. Fair warning: you might feel a bit like you need to brush off your skin after reading this fascinating book!

Reviewed by: Kristi / Mountain Island Library

Book cover Founding Mothers: Remembering the Ladies New Review
Cokie Roberts (2014) , under 40 pages
Illustrated by Diane Goode
Audience: Primary (k-3rd grade), Intermediate (4th-6th grade)
Category: Biographies, Historical, Non-Fiction
(This book has outstanding illustrations)

Everyone remembers the important men during the founding of America, but what about the women that also helped shape our country? This book is a great introduction for young readers wanting to learn about early America. "Founding Mothers" will introduce important figures such as Deborah Read Franklin, Benjamin Franklin’s wife, and Phillis Wheatley, the first African-American poet. This beautifully illlustrated book is an easy read for anyone interested in the history of America and its’ women.

Reviewed by: Maeve / University City Regional Library

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