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How you can support your Library through advocacy

Communities matter at your library, and libraries matter in our community! In a recent community survey, 90% of residents said that the Library is extremely or very important to the community.*

What is the best way you can advocate for libraries? By helping us spread the word that libraries are still needed in the 21st century and beyond!

The Library is an integral provider of literacy, learning and education in Mecklenburg County.
99% of residents believe that the Library is a valuable educational resource.* Last year, the Library encouraged the love of reading and learning by offering 743 unique programs, delivered 8,677 times, reaching 440,385 attendees. And 97% of parents/caregivers said that they are better prepared to develop pre-reading skills in their children as a result of attending library programs.

The Library is a good steward of the community’s trust and resources.
 Last year, Mecklenburg County libraries were visited by individuals over 3 million times, and web sites were visited more than 32 million times. 74% of items borrowed were checked out using the Library’s self-service checkout option, which allows staff to spend more time with customers who need personal assistance. 1,029 volunteers contributed 59,290 hours of service in libraries. In our annual customer satisfaction survey, 97% of customers agreed to statements about quality, timeliness, communication, courtesy, respect and safety.

The Library contributes positively to the quality of life and economic health of Mecklenburg County.
Last year, Library staff answered nearly 2 million reference questions. 4,077 people used the resources of the Job Help Center at Main Library, which offers career counseling resources, resume assistance, practice interview sessions, and help filing online applications. In 2012, 4,299 adults signed up for Summer Reading, reading 73,914 hours.

The need for libraries is increasing.
Last year, 40,109 people became new library cardholders this past year. 245,947 people are active library users, meaning they have used their library card within the past two years. And residents overwhelmingly believe that the need for libraries will increase over the next 10 years.*

* Source: Marketwise Survey

Additional Ways to Show Support

  • Help spread awareness,  Stay informed about the risks to library funding, and share the facts on this page

     with friends, neighbors, and 

    groups in which you are involved. 

    Contact funding decision-makers.

  • Give a financial gift. All financial gifts are critically important, especially during these challenging times. Invite your friends, neighbors, and co-workers to support the Library. All gifts will be used in the areas of greatest need including the purchase of new books and materials, educational programs for youth, and/or other areas where the Library has been a lifeline for the community.
  • Join our team of volunteers. Share your skills and experiences with your community by becoming a library volunteer. Our web site has information on current volunteer opportunities and how to apply.
  • Sign up for email updates at
  • Follow the Library on Facebook or Twitter.
Stories of Impact

Literacy Outreach

summer reading outreachRead how Library outreach made sure that at-risk students in underserved communities participated in Summer Reading. Read More

Digital Literacy

Watch this video about how the Library, Queens Universty and others work together to help get people connect to and navigate the digital world, technology and the Internet.



Helping People Find Jobs

In September 2012, a Library customer came to visit Library staff member Joseph to tell him this story:  A year ago, when she was job searching, Joseph helped her set up a Gmail account, showed her how to copy and paste from Word into Gmail, and how to create and save documents so that she could access her cover letter and resume from any computer. He also showed her cover letter templates and proofread her documents. Since then, she found a job and wanted to thank Joseph for helping her. As a result of this interaction, Joseph has decided to make a personal goal that he will spend time when he is not scheduled elsewhere walking the library in hopes of finding other patrons who may need similar assistance.

Calculate the Value You Get

The value of a Library is different for each individual. If you would like to calculate the value you get from the Library, you can use the Library’s value calculator.

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